1: Indulge in Singapore's iconic ice kacang, a colorful shaved ice dessert topped with sweet syrup and jelly.

2: Try the decadent durian pengat, a creamy and rich durian dessert that is popular among locals.

3: Satisfy your sweet tooth with chendol, a traditional dessert made with green rice flour jelly and coconut milk.

4: Sink your teeth into kaya toast, a beloved snack consisting of toasted bread with kaya (coconut jam) spread.

5: Discover the delectable pandan cake, a fragrant green cake made with pandan leaves and coconut milk.

6: Experience the unique flavor of ondeh ondeh, sweet glutinous rice balls filled with liquid palm sugar.

7: Taste the refreshing cendol, a sweet dessert drink made with shaved ice, coconut milk, and green rice flour jelly.

8: Indulge in traditional kueh lapis, a layer cake made with butter, eggs, and sugar that is rich and flavorful.

9: End your meal with bubur cha cha, a colorful and creamy dessert made with sweet potato, taro, and coconut milk.