5 Zodiac Signs That Build Heart Walls


Cancer, symbolized by the caring crab, has profound emotional awareness. This trait typically causes them to build emotional boundaries. 


They are careful about who they allow in because of past wounds and disappointments. Instead of resentment, they erect barriers to protect themselves from being injured again.


Capricorns, like the steady mountain goat, are responsible and ambitious. They may compartmentalize their emotions to attain their aims.


Even in personal interactions, they stay professional and seldom show their actual sentiments. This cautious approach keeps them from distractions on their way to achievement.



Scorpios are passionate and intense. They tend to explore their own and others' emotions under Pluto's mysterious rule. While they want deep ties, their fear of betrayal makes them picky about who they trust. 


Aquarius' Water Bearer symbolizes their wisdom and intelligence. They are pleasant and outgoing yet emotionally distant. Their independence makes them choose rationality over feelings. 


Virgos are thorough and practical, with an unequaled attention to detail. These people want order in their emotions too. They fear turmoil if they reveal their vulnerabilities. This helps people set emotional boundaries and assess situations before lowering their guard.

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