A popular version in the United States is stuffing French toast with cream cheese or fruit preserves.

Stuffed French toast is a classic American breakfast or brunch dish. Cream cheese and fruit preserves make a thick, delicious filling. Typical preparation:

French toast is made using thick slices of brioche or challah. Bread is sliced to make pockets.

It can be cream cheese or fruit preserves. Blending cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla until creamy makes cream cheese filling. A fruity center can be made with strawberry or raspberry preserves.

Instructions: Cut a pocket in each slice of bread and spoon or spread cream cheese or fruit preserve filling into it.

Dipping Mixture: Bread slices are dipped in beaten eggs, milk, and cinnamon. The French toast coating is created.

Cooking: Make the filled and dipped slices golden brown on a griddle or pan. Heat melts cream cheese and makes fruit preserves gooey.

For richness and taste, stuffed French toast is sometimes topped with maple syrup, powdered sugar, fresh fruit, or whipped cream.

Stuffed French toast is a delightful breakfast delicacy that mixes French toast with a creamy or fruity filling. It's a favorite for special events and rich breakfasts.

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