Best Strength Exercises for Women to Melt 'Middle-Aged Spread' Belly Fat

An anti-rotation motion targets your obliques to tighten your abdominals. MacPherson adds, "To perform this exercise, you must fight a rotational pull using your core muscles." Active deep core muscles tighten and stabilize your core. It tightens the waist by strengthening deeper core muscles."

Pallof Press

MacPherson says dumbbell pullovers target the pectoralis major, the main chest muscle, and the lats on the back. They also strengthen your shoulder blades and joints by working your serratus muscles on your sides. This practice is great for posture."

Dumbbell Pullovers

In addition to burning calories, kettlebell swings work your core, melting away middle-aged fat. Kettlebell swings provide hip, back, and glute strength, stability, and power. Kettlebell swings boost daily performance with bending, lifting groceries, kids, and home duties since your body operates as a unit "MacPherson.

Kettlebell Swings

MacPherson says "goblet squats are an excellent alternative to barbell squats." "Goblet squats offer deeper quad stretching and muscular growth because your center of gravity travels forward. Goblet squats work glutes, calves, and core."

Goblet Squats

Face pulls are about posture and upper-back strength, despite the name. "Banded or cable face pulls strengthen the rear shoulders and upper back to avoid hunching and bad posture. Sitting or hunching over phones, laptops, counters, and sinks weakens and stretches these regions "MacPherson.

Face Pulls

Targeting side abs? If so, try kettlebell windmills. MacPherson says "Kettlebell windmills require strength, stability, and mobility to work your entire core, including your obliques." Oblique muscles aid in twisting and turning, whereas deeper muscles pull in your abdomen."

 Kettlebell Windmills

Next on our list of strength exercises for women to melt middle-aged spread belly fat is the dumbbell wood chop. "Dumbbell wood chops build core strength and stability in rotation

Dumbbell Wood Chops

Stability rules here. "Roll-outs are an extremely effective core exercise that work your rectus abdominus (six-pack muscles) and deep core muscles that act like a girdle to tighten and strengthen your core," adds MacPherson.

Exercise Ball Rollouts

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