Best Times of Day to Walk for Your Health

Early in the morning, going for a walk might help you feel productive, concentrated, and focused.

Early morning

Since exposure to early morning sunlight aids in wakefulness and the control of the circadian cycle, Adrian Todd, a fitness specialist and the creator of Great Minds Think Hike, claims that these advantages frequently extend throughout the course of the day.

Early morning

A mid-morning walk is a fantastic way to break up prolonged periods of sitting, which can have a negative impact on your health if you have a desk job.


Another ideal time for your health is right after lunch, right after taking a midday walk.

After lunch

Although it's ideal to walk for at least 15 minutes after eating, studies have shown that even a short stroll can help the body use fat and control blood sugar levels, preventing Type 2 diabetes.

After lunch

If you're not a morning person, late afternoon is another great time to go for a walk. "Later in the day, your energy levels often stabilize, making it a suitable time for walking or any activity that requires energy

Late afternoon

A relaxing approach to end the day before getting ready for bed is to go for a stroll in the evening. 


"The quiet and drop in temperature that comes with the night can be quite relaxing," says White. He continues by saying that you can increase the quality of your sleep by going for a stroll in the evening, at least an hour before bed.


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