By kissing a guy in this manner, you may maintain his attraction to you for an extended period of time.

For all of you gorgeous ladies, this is for you! Is it accurate to say that you are a satisfying kisser? Have you ever been complimented on the quality of your kiss deliveries?

If not, we will address that matter now. Keeping a man interested in you becomes easy after you master the art of the kiss. When they feel your passionate kisses, they can tell that their sex life is going to be amazing.

Even if it's your first kiss, not many of you may know how to properly kiss a man. Not to worry! If you want to know how to kiss a man like a pro, we've got you covered.

This is the most crucial aspect of successful kissing. Nobody enjoys kissing chapped lips. Moisten your lips daily with lip balm. Keep chapstick on hand since you never know when your partner will kiss you. Also, work on your breathing. Have a mint, chew gum, and brush twice a day.

You can tell your boyfriend you want to kiss him directly or subtly. Telling your man what's on your mind is better. People who want to construct a scenario slowly would enjoy this strategy. Focus on his lips instead of his eyes when chatting to him. This method works every time. You can also talk slower and lean closer to him. The body language speaks for itself.

If he kisses you, start slowly. Kiss him gently with your lips. You should rub his lips. Start with his lower lip, then his top. Before kissing, make eye contact to connect. Kiss him with your eyes closed to enjoy the pleasure.

After kissing, squeeze his lips aggressively. You don't have to forcefully crush his lips. Just apply enough pressure to show him your kissing enthusiasm. Kiss him passionately while playing with his hair on the back of his head. Use your teeth to nibble his lips periodically. Be gentle when biting.

Once you show him how much you want to kiss him, he'll take action. Don't assume you have to do everything. Make half the effort and let him lead. Guys adore leading kisses. Let him play pranks on you too.

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