Can Oatmeal Help With Weight Loss?

We struggle to choose breakfast every day. This can signify something portable and rapid. You may be ravenous and need the complete spread. No matter what you're hungry for, breakfast should give you energy and nourishment to start the day.

Simple and versatile oats can do both. This simple, fast method offers several health benefits. It can taste wonderful and be healthy with a dollop of peanut butter, frozen berries, and cinnamon.

There are several reasons to eat oatmeal, including its complex carbs and fiber. Susan Schachter, M.S., R.D.N., called it a “nourishing and versatile breakfast staple” that can improve your health.

Weight loss meal regimens may incorporate oatmeal. Can this popular breakfast staple help you lose weight? Might be possible.

Can Oatmeal Help You Lose Weight? For years, oatmeal has been examined as a weight-loss aid.

According to a Journal of the American College of Nutrition study, oatmeal for breakfast kept people satiated longer than ordinary cereal. It reduced hunger and calorie consumption later in the day.

Another 2016 Journal of Nutrition study found that oatmeal's beta-glucan fiber promoted satiety and weight loss. “These findings suggest that incorporating oatmeal into your breakfast routine could potentially support weight loss efforts,” adds Schachter.

Despite promising research, there is no weight-loss wonder food. Due to its fiber content, oatmeal may help you lose weight by making you feel fuller longer, but it all boils down to calories in and calories out. Without calorie shortage, weight won't alter.

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3 Oatmeal Diet Benefits

Schachter claims oatmeal's soluble fiber, especially beta-glucans, lowers LDL cholesterol. Studies by the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) show that soluble fiber-rich foods like oatmeal can lower heart disease risk through reducing cholesterol profiles.

Support Heart Health

“The slow-release carbs in oatmeal help diabetics maintain stable blood sugar levels," adds Schachter. The British Journal of Nutrition found that oats' complex carbs boost insulin sensitivity.

Regulation of Blood Sugar

As Schachter notes, oatmeal's fiber helps digestion and may reduce constipation. Dietary fiber, found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, may help you stay regular, lessen your risk of hemorrhoids, and improve digestion.

Improve Digestion

Not all oatmeal is equal. Getting the most health advantages from it requires proper preparation. Schachter's recommends these bowl prep tips. Avoid additional sugars by choosing plain or unsweetened.

Healthy Oatmeal Preparation

Add fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, or natural honey to your oatmeal for sweetness.

Choose whole rolled or steel-cut oats over instant since they are less processed and contain more nutrients.

Avoid sugary toppings or sweeteners that can negate oatmeal's health benefits, pre-made oatmeal packets with additives or high sodium, and instant oatmeal with additional tastes and sweets.