Donald Trump's strange connection with Fox News and its implications for other contenders(Part-2)

The DeSantis team believed Fox did not object to Trump skipping debates. They were furious when past president surrogates attended post-debate “spin rooms” without the candidate, claimed a campaign source who requested anonymity

 When DeSantis' campaign manager, James Uthmeier, thought a Fox graphic didn't highlight his Iowa visits, he became frustrated. “Fox has turned into full-blown Trump TV,” Uthmeier remarked on Twitter (then X).

An official from Fox declined to be interviewed for this article. A spokesman said that Trump surrogates were on hand after the debate because other networks had hired them. The 6 p.m. town halls followed Fox's most-watched show, “The Five,” so they weren't a disadvantage.

After the Iowa caucus, Fox's Laura Ingraham pushed DeSantis and Haley to clear the field for Trump on Jan. 16. If she pulls out today, if she accepts that the GOP is a populist party, if she enthusiastically campaigns for Trump, she may perhaps regain some of the trust she's lost with the GOP base,» Ingraham said.

Haley spat with Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends” the morning before the New Hampshire primary, refusing to say what would be a strong showing. Haley told Ainsley Earhardt she would never quit if she lost New Hampshire. Kilmeade reiterated his query.

“I don’t care how much y’all want to coronate Donald Trump,” Haley remarked. “America doesn't want that. America wants choice.” She may have seen Trump show Kilmeade his jet in New Hampshire. Kilmeade replied, “You look like you’re in fightin’ shape,” greeting the former president. What weight did you lose?

“I get their annoyance,” Erickson added. Fox was forcing them to accept a reality they weren't ready for, therefore they were entitled to be furious. A Fox spokesperson claimed Haley replied to Kilmeade's “enemy” statement by saying “because I've looked at the media,” signaling a larger complaint. Despite their critiques, she and DeSantis accepted Fox invites.

Fox's Harris Faulkner pushed back when Haley surrogate New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu asked if Trump's age had harmed his cognitive ability, a common Fox topic when President Joe Biden is interviewed. “Yes, that’s nearly 80,” Sununu responded. “We’ll calculate later. ”Faulkner chastised Sununu for labeling Trump a coward for not debating. No name-calling, she said. “We don’t name-call.”