1: ER Should've Ended After Season 8 After Season 8, ER lost its magic and struggled to maintain the same level of quality and excitement.

2: The original cast of ER was iconic and beloved, but their departures left a void that was never truly filled.

3: The storylines became increasingly unrealistic and melodramatic, straying from the realistic and grounded tone of earlier seasons.

4: Fans started to lose interest as the show continued to drag on without a clear direction or purpose.

5: The finale of Season 8 would have been a fitting and satisfying conclusion to the series, leaving viewers with fond memories of the early years.

6: Instead, ER limped along for 11 more seasons, tarnishing its legacy and diluting the impact of its earlier success.

7: Had the show ended after Season 8, it could have gone down in television history as a classic and groundbreaking medical drama.

8: Unfortunately, ER's decision to continue past its prime only served to diminish its reputation and relevance.

9: In hindsight, it's clear that ER should have ended after Season 8, preserving its legacy and leaving fans with a sense of closure.