Heritage’s January NYINC World & Ancient Coins Auctions Near $16 Million, Led by Charles II ‘Petition’ Crown

With a record-breaking price of $960,000, the second-highest graded "Petition" Crown was the top seller at Heritage's January 8 NYINC Platinum Session World & Ancient Coins Signature® Auction, which brought the total to $12,154,981.

Charles II silver Pattern "Petition" Crown 1663 MS62 NGC broke the global record and was the highest paid for British silver piece. One of the most well-known medalists and engravers of the 17th century in England, Thomas Simon, created the engraving. Seven of the 20 known instances, including this superb one, are in public institutions and museums.

The Henry III (1216-1272) gold Penny of 20 Pence ND (about 1257) UNC Details (Bent) NGC sold for $504,000. This magnificent example is one of four privately owned and the second at Heritage Auctions. The "true" first image of an English king on coinage prior to Henry VII's Tudor releases, according to British numismatist Sir John Evans.

Not just the auction's top lot established records. A record-breaking $408,000 offer for an Anne gold 5 Guineas 1706 MS63 PCGS twice its modest pre-auction estimate. Both grading services have designated this coin the best pre-Union issue and one of only two Anne 5 Guineas to obtain a Choice Mint State certification.

East European Carol I gold Proof Pattern 20 Lei 1868 PR62 Ultra Cameo NGC sold for $336,000, nearly trebling its pre-auction estimate, setting another world record. This lovely coin is the only NGC census Romanian series uncommon. Carol may have given the Peles Castle foundation and his ministers and associates all but 50 pieces.

A rare Nicholas II gold Specimen 1/2 Imperial of 5 Roubles 1895-A�� SP62 PCGS sold for $264,000. Beautiful and historically noteworthy, it is a rare specimen of the latter Russian imperial series with a mintage of 36. This is one of the only graded Specimens in the PCGS census, although NGC includes three MS and one MS Deep Prooflike.

An exquisite 1887 PR65+ Ultra Cameo NGC Victoria gold Proof Pattern Crown (5 Shillings) reached the same $264,000 price. The distinctive three-quarters facing bust of a mature Victoria makes them immediately recognized, making them one of the most distinctive series of British Patterns.

With the arrival of a very uncommon Alexander (AD 912-913), yet another record was established. AV solidus (22 millimeters, 4.42 grams, and six hours). NGC AU 5/5 – 3/5 sold for $90,000, which is more than three times the high pre-auction estimate that was placed on it.

A high-grade USA Administration 7-Piece Certified Proof Set 1905 PCGS—including a Peso PR66, KM168; a 50 Centavos PR67, KM167; a 20 Centavos PR66, KM166; a 10 Centavos PR67, KM165; a 5 Centavo PR66, KM164; a Centavo PR65 Brown, KM163 and a 1/2 Centavo PR66 Brown, KM162—reached $26,400.

The Wetmore Collection of Gold and Electrum, 74 coins, was auctioned. ZEUGITANA led the collection. Fine Style Carthage. Ca. 270-260 BC. The AV trihemistater, a huge gold piece from the Phoenician town of Carthage on the North African coast, sold for $60,000.

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