Micah Parsons breaks into Cowboys' "embarrassing" playoff defeat 17 days later.(Part-1)

It's usual for web stories on a person's opinions to include a clickbait headline saying that so-and-so "breaks his silence" about the matter. The approach indicates a long silence. Usually not. More clicks are likely.

Micah Parsons began speaking out about the Cowboys' 48-32 wild-card round defeat to the Packers on Wednesday after 17 days of silence.

Despite league regulations, Parsons did not address media after the game. Parsons didn't talk to reporters the next day while clearing out his lockers for the summer. His comments were saved for Wednesday's episode of The Edge with Micah Parsons.

“It's that you lose the way you do and at home,” Parsons told CBSSports.com. "We spoke about how much better we played at home and how much it meant to be there, so to depart like that was embarrassing and unacceptable

I couldn't look at that loss or feel anything because I was humiliated. It took me a while to show my face in public. Totally vanished."

He did. The league's longtime rule that players must be available after games seeks fresh, direct comments to what transpired on the field, good or bad.

Bad and awful for the Cowboys. As Parsons said, it was humiliating and inappropriate. Parsons gave the front office advice and a sharp assessment.

"I hope that we go out and get the players we're missing because we didn't do that this year," Parsons. Jerry Jones, hear that? Your top player believes you failed to bring the missing teammates to the team's destination.