1: Original Suits actor Gabriel Macht open to return in spinoff after Louis Litt-based series canceled. Exciting news for fans!

2: Macht played the iconic character Harvey Specter in hit legal drama Suits. His potential return has sparked rumors and excitement.

3: Louis Litt, played by Rick Hoffman, was set to star in a spinoff series. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped before it could air.

4: Fans were disappointed by the cancellation of the Louis Litt-based series. Macht's willingness to return has raised hopes for a new spinoff.

5: Suits was a beloved show that ran for nine seasons. The chemistry between Macht and Hoffman was a highlight for many viewers.

6: Macht's return could bring back the magic of Suits for fans. The prospect of seeing him reprise his role is a thrilling one.

7: The Suits universe could expand with a spinoff featuring Macht and other original cast members. The possibilities are endless.

8: Stay tuned for updates on a potential spinoff featuring Macht and the rest of the original Suits cast. Exciting developments are on the horizon.

9: With Macht's openness to a spinoff return, fans can hope for more adventures in the world of Suits. The future looks bright for the beloved series.