(Part-2) Texas governor praised by Trump as border state fights Biden over immigration.

Latino support for Trump has surged since his 2016 run. He made that point on Saturday, getting huge cheers when he said he was performing well in that voting group.

Republican contender stated Hispanic and Black families suffer most from migrant arrivals and that President Joe Biden should not have terminated Trump administration migration limits.

“I’ll get it solved and start the process on day one—we will start that process,” he stated. “That's why we'll get record Latino votes.” Biden's reelection campaign is hampered by the record number of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Immigration dominated Iowa's Republican caucuses this month, which Trump won. An AP VoteCast survey revealed that 9 in 10 caucusgoers supported a border wall, with 7 in 10 strongly supporting it.

At the Las Vegas rally, 25-year-old voter Rob Williams was thrilled Texas was fighting the Biden administration on immigration. “The good Texans and other states are stepping up,” he added. “They'll show the Texas fight.

Nevada's GOP chose a party-run caucus on Dec. 8 over a state-run primary a day earlier, leaving Trump without a strong opponent.

Trump's backers in the party pushed the move to help him get as many delegates as possible, confusing voters who are receiving postal ballots sans Trump's name. Trump constantly urged voters to skip the primary and caucus for him.

“Your primary vote doesn’t matter,” he continued. No need to worry about the primary—just caucus. Trump's lone significant GOP competitor, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, is running in the primary but not the caucus, making her ineligible for RNC delegates.