People with perfect eyesight can identify the wacky elephant in only six seconds on this optical illusion IQ test.

These picture riddles trick our brains, test our senses, and go against everything we might have imagined.

The fascinating thing about optical illusions is that they show how perception is subjective.

As our brains process visual information, we frequently come across seemingly illogical sights, which makes us doubt the accuracy of our senses.

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People all throughout the globe are enthralled with optical illusions, whether they are the famous Escher works or more recent computer inventions.

Visual illusions captivate and baffle audiences with their deft use of color, pattern, and

shape to give the impression of depth, movement, and even the presence of nonexistent objects.

These illusions provide a window into the intricate relationship between the brain and the eyes, which is useful for both artists and psychologists in their pursuit of understanding visual cognition.

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