RARE Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: 6 More Worth over $500,000

Coin collecting has many surprises and gems, some worth tiny fortunes. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter, commemorating America's 200th anniversary, stands out. Most quarters are worth 25 cents, but a rare Bicentennial Quarter is worth approximately $10 million USD. This incredible worth comes from its distinctive qualities and historical significance. This listicle discusses this rare quarter and six others worth over $500,000 that have enthralled collectors and historians.

The Bicentennial Quarter that sold for over $10 million is a numismatic masterpiece. This 90% silver quarter with a double die obverse is rarer than most. The coin depicts a colonial drummer and a 13-star triumph flame, symbolizing American independence. Its exquisite condition and historical significance make it a collector's item.

The 1932-D Washington Quarter is rare and worth over $500,000. Its great worth is due to Denver's limited mintage of 436,800 pieces that year. The 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth makes this quarter valuable to collectors. Because few have survived in acceptable form, high-grade coins are rare and precious.

Like its Denver twin, the 1932-S Washington Quarter is a rare find worth over $500,000 in pristine condition. Limited mintage of 408,000 pieces at the San Francisco Mint makes it rare. This quarter commemorates the first US president and is prized for its rarity and cultural importance.

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter, worth over $500,000, is early American history. This quarter's 6,146-piece mintage makes it unusual. A little eagle on the reverse, a design motif utilized for two years, makes it rare. This quarter's age, historical relevance, and early US art appeal to collectors.

High-quality 1804 Draped Bust Quarters cost over $500,000. Low mintage and 1804 being the final year of its design make this quarter uncommon. A heraldic eagle on the coin's reverse symbolizes the nascent nation's power and independence. Its rarity and historical significance make it popular among collectors.

Rare numismatics include the 1823/2 Capped Bust Quarter, worth over $500,000. This quarter is remarkable since the date's ‘3' was struck over a ‘2’. This mistake happened when die technology was less advanced, making such coins historically noteworthy. Few pieces have remained in good shape, adding to its rarity.

A rare Carson City Mint discovery, the 1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter, is worth over $500,000. Its tiny mintage and few excellent examples explain its great value. Collectors prize this quarter for its Old West and Carson City Mint roots.

Rare quarters reveal American history and money progress. The $10 million Bicentennial Quarter and other rare coins valued over $500,000 convey a distinct tale of their age. Collectors and historians prize these quarters as American relics because to their rarity and historical relevance. Numismatics reveals historical stories in these little yet important metal bits.

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