Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $160,000

Coin collecting holds surprises and finds worth tiny fortunes. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter, commemorating 200 years of American freedom, is remarkable. Rare Bicentennial Quarters may sell for $40 million USD, whereas normal quarters are for 25 cents. We'll examine this amazing quarter and six others, each worth over $160,000, and their tales and characteristics in this listicle.

Numismatic miracle Bicentennial Quarter sold for over $40 million. A drummer child and a torch encircled by 13 stars adorned this 1975–1976 special edition quarter. The rarity and quality of this quarter make it desirable. A remarkable mint set with a distinctive mint mark and near-perfect condition made it valuable. Historical relevance and remarkable condition make this quarter valuable to collectors.

The 1932-D Washington Quarter is rare and worth about $160,000. In the first year of the Washington quarter series, the Denver mint produced fewer coins. A mint quarter is rare, making it a collector's fantasy. As the first in its series and released during the Great Depression, it is appealing and valuable.

Like the Denver mint's 1932-S Washington Quarter, flawless San Francisco mint coins sell for over $160,000. In 1932, the San Francisco mint produced fewer quarters than the Denver mint, making this coin rarer. This rare quarter and the status of having the first Washington quarter series attract collectors.

Early American history includes the 1796 Draped Bust Quarter. This quarter is valuable over $160,000 because to its antiquity, historical significance, and rarity. It was one of the earliest US quarters with a tiny eagle on the back. Any serious collector values its design and restricted production.

Another uncommon and valuable coin is the 1804 Draped Bust Quarter, worth about $160,000. Instead of the little eagle, it has a heraldic eagle on the reverse. The 1804 quarter is uncommon because to its low mintage and loss or melting. Coin collectors prize it for its rarity and historical significance.

The overdate mistake on the 1823/2 Capped Bust Quarter, worth over $160,000, makes it distinctive. Its rareness comes from this inaccuracy and its restricted mintage. Collectors respect this quarter for its rarity and early minting history.

The Carson City mint's 1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter is another rare discovery worth over $160,000. The Carson City mint's history and limited coin production make it rare. Wild West history makes this quarter valuable to collectors.

Rare quarters reveal American history and minting progress. These coins are gems that convey stories of many times, from the approximately $40 million Bicentennial Quarter to the other six quarters worth over $160,000. They are numismatic gems due to their rarity, historical relevance, and worth.

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