Rolex vendor meets Facebook Marketplace thief. From then, things go bad.

On Long Island, New York, — An absurd attempt to evade robbery led a Long Island guy selling a Rolex watch to leap onto the hood of the car, resulting in a failed $8,000 Facebook Marketplace trade.

"I was not going to give in and let this man take it... without a struggle," vendor Steve Mauro told The Associated Press on Sunday.

The Rolex, which the 43-year-old had bought a few days before, was supposed to be sold in front of his Massapequa Park house on Friday. A potential customer walked up and requested that Mauro collect the payment. According to the Nassau County Police, the robber closed his doors and began fleeing after refusing to give up the money.

A gray Honda SUV unexpectedly shifted into reverse, knocking Mauro to the ground, while officers happened to be patrolling the neighborhood at the time. According to the police, the driver sped off with the fancy watch while Mauro sprang upon the hood but was flung off. Mauro received on-site treatment for modest injuries to his knee, elbow, and hand.

Mauro claimed he was an experienced Facebook Marketplace vendor who hadn't anticipated any interference.

Mauro, who added, "I can always sniff out a scammer from the very beginning and this guy didn't come across that way at all," proceeded to sprint to the surrounding police officers immediately after being thrown from the SUV. "Go get him! He has my Rolex!" I yelled out.

However, the thief had already disappeared.

If you have information on the theft and contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers, the police will protect your identity.