1: Suits' new spinoff showcases Meghan Markle's character's impact on the show's legacy.

2: Meghan Markle's character emphasized gender equality and diversity in the legal world.

3: Her departure highlights the importance of her character's influence on the series.

4: The spinoff delves into how Meghan Markle's character shaped the narrative of Suits.

5: Meghan Markle's character's absence leaves a void in the dynamic of the show.

6: The spinoff explores the lasting impact of Meghan Markle's character on Suits.

7: Meghan Markle's character's legacy is felt throughout the new series.

8: The spinoff proves that Meghan Markle's character was integral to the show's success.

9: Suits' new spinoff demonstrates how Meghan Markle's character continues to resonate with audiences.