The 8 best exercises to melt belly fat

This static exercise targets multiple muscle groups strengthening your abs back and shoulders while supporting your spine for a stronger

Mountain climbers are a dynamic move that engages your core arms and legs doing these at a high intensity is a surefire way to torch calories and boost metabolism for a leaner

While burpees may not be most peoples favorite exercise you cant deny their efficacy for fat loss burpees elevate your heart rate torch calories and build strength in your core

Windshield wipers target your obliques and activate abdominal muscles to help sculpt a tapered waistline this movement may be simple but its a certified core crusher

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This classic ab move can be done with just your body weight or while holding a dumbbell kettlebell or plate the twisting motion engages the abs and obliques

Hanging leg raises focus on the lower abs while improving grip strength and helping melt lower belly fat this movement is more complex than meets the eye

Bicycle crunches deserve a spot in any belly fatblasting workout this exercise targets your upper and lower abs helping you achieve a toned tummy and better core stability