These behaviors are thought to attract men by women, but in reality, they do not.

In the realm of attraction, there is no silver bullet. In their pursuit of love, both sexes might act in irrationally at times. However, keep in mind that good intentions don't necessarily translate to a job well done.

In the same way that males have a tendency to act in ways that they believe would make them appear more beautiful, even though this may not always be the case, women are also prone to making errors.

Taking a look at a few behaviors that women incorrectly feel make them appealing in front of men is something that we will discuss.

Men are visual animals, especially while courting. Looking is to males what emotions and social signals are to women. You shouldn't care about them alone since guys care about other things. After a while, wooing a man with looks gets monotonous and frustrating.

Women are more than their appearances. Reducing oneself to appearance will destroy your confidence. If it makes you happy, work on your appearance, but remember you're more than that.

This method will only attract evil people. Hungry guys will chase and wait for your attention without options. You reject such men? Using this strategy to attract a man would make him reject you after he gets what he wants. Make Mr. Right like you by being friendly and approachable. Act naturally without influencing people.

Men do better in competition. If they know their dream lady has other men interested, they work harder. Woman adore toying with this effect. You forget that many men have weak egos that might cause harm. When you tell a man you have others at your door, he'll either hurt his ego or find a reason to dislike you.

Women may believe men want power and protection. It makes you their damsel. A man will rapidly lose interest in a woman who continually requires rescue. No one wants a baby-sized grownup. Men like compassion and care, but not because it's cute or appealing to their instincts. Say you need help, but be mature.

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