This article will discuss seven obvious signs that a man is a woman collector.

Some males want to ‘collect’ women as trophies! They are smart, funny, and charming enough to captivate you, but they will never commit. Fear not—dodging ‘women collectors’ is essential! We list warning indicators of males who only want you as a prize.

These males are adept at recognizing women's tendencies. If they sense your attraction but you're scared to go out with them, they'll likely leave. They do this because they know you'll want more and contact them.

These men are open about their relationships. They will make you feel bad for believing they are in an exclusive relationship but never say so. Their acts and words imply he's in a relationship, but they'll studiously avoid the name.

His phone will likely ring when you need him. In crises, calls and messages don't function, making him hard to reach. When he's not with you or answering your call, he's probably busy with other ladies.

These men may charm their way into your life, but they'll keep their private life private. Such guys are afraid to let you into their lives, so they'll seem carefree and focus on you. You probably know little about their family and friends because they're so closed off!

He will back out if it becomes nasty. Usually, ‘collector men’ like calm, attractive ladies. Talking about emotions or a difficult circumstance will make them more distant.

Careful, organized, and methodical. They never slide because they have to remember all the other ladies. They calculate what feelings to reveal and withhold. They also hide their genuine selves well.

Their lovely comments certainly made you fall for them. They use several adjectives to describe each lady in their collection. If you leave these men, they will deceive you into thinking you can't live without them. To win you over, they'll return at the end.

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