Why Gen X Be the Most Misunderstood Generation?


Generation X sometimes feels like the awkward middle child of American generations, stuck between the idealism of the Baby Boomers.

But how come? Why Generation X may be the most misunderstood generation to date is discussed.

While Baby Boomers and Millennials get all the attention, Generation X sometimes feel like they've been forgotten.

Since they experienced firsthand the shift from analogue to digital, Gen Xers have a distinct and sometimes disregarded point of view.

Being a latchkey kid provided many people in Generation X a sense of freedom, but it also contributed to negative impressions of them .

Misconceptions regarding their work ethic and ability to sustain themselves financially stem from the fact that they entered .

Despite being less outspoken than their predecessors, members of Generation X have made significant contributions to several professions.

Gen Xers are experts at maintaining a work-life-family balance, yet this talent is generally overlooked.

They are naturally skeptical, which is sometimes misinterpreted as cynicism, because they came of age at a period of great political.

Gen X's cultural contributions—from grunge to hip-hop—are often overlooked in favor of those of older generations.