10 Funniest Far Side Comics Showing Viking Obsession

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10 Funniest Far Side Comics Showing Viking Obsession

The Vikings were a ferocious group of warriors from the past, known for their horned helmets and their propensity for pillaging. However, were you aware that they may also be used to create some great comedic material? Introducing Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” comics, which include some of the most hilarious strips you’ll ever read. These comics feature Vikings and their pranks as the main characters. Within the scope of this piece, we will investigate ten of the most shocking comics from the Far Side that depict the obsession with Vikings.

The Viking Disco Dance-Off:

Imagine this: a huge gathering of Vikings, all decked up in their helmets and swords, are dancing on the dance floor as if there is no tomorrow. In the comic that Larson has created, the ridiculousness of Vikings attempting to bust a move is captured, creating a situation that is both humorous and weird in equal measure.

Viking Cooking Mishaps:

Have you ever wondered what happens when Vikings attempt to prepare some food by themselves? There is no need to go any farther than Larson’s comic, which depicts a Viking cook working in the midst of a gastronomic disaster. From the charred food to the mayhem that ensues in the kitchen, this comic strip is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Viking Family Vacation:

In this comic, Larson imagines what a Viking family vacation may be like, complete with a longship that is crammed to the gills with bags and a Viking father who is dissatisfied with the situation. An amusing interpretation of the concept of Vikings taking a break from raiding in order to travel is shown here.

Viking Bedtime Stories:

When there are Viking tales to tell before bed, who needs to listen to fairy tales? The comic by Larson depicts a parent who is a Viking and is telling their child stories of heroic wars and daring conquests, much to the astonishment of the youngster’s stuffed animals. This funny take on the traditional nighttime routine is guaranteed to strike a chord with anybody who is familiar with the legends surrounding the Vikings.

Viking Fashion Faux Pas:

Forget about haute couture; the Vikings have their own distinct sense of style, as seen in Larson’s cartoon, which depicts a bunch of Vikings wearing the most recent fashion trend in horned helmets. However, as one Viking accidently collides with another, commotion follows, and helmets fly everywhere, resulting in amusement amongst the two groups.

Viking School Days:

This comic is an illustration of Larson’s imagination of what a Viking school may look like, replete with classes on looting, pillaging, and raiding. A comical spin on the concept of Vikings passing on their battle abilities to the next generation, this story also includes some unexpected turns along the road.

Viking Workplace Shenanigans:

According to Larson’s comic, which depicts a gang of Vikings navigating the perilous seas of the workplace, even Vikings have to cope with office politics. This is demonstrated in the comic. This comic strip is a funny perspective on the modern office and is done in Viking style. It covers everything from water cooler gossip to cubicle disputes.

Viking Wildlife Encounters:

In this cartoon, Larson imagines what occurs when Vikings come into contact with species of wildlife while they are traveling, and the consequences are funny, as one might expect. The junction of Vikings and nature is examined in a humorous manner, with the characters ranging from frightened squirrels to bewildered bears.

Viking Beach Day:

Who is to claim that Vikings are incapable of unwinding at the beach? In the comic that Larson has created, there are a bunch of Vikings who are attempting to rest and unwind by the sea. However, seagulls, sandcastles, and incidents involving sunscreen prevent them from succeeding. The concept that Vikings are attempting to take a vacation from their military traditions is portrayed in a hilarious manner in this story.

Viking Retirement Plans:

In this comic, Larson imagines what it would be like for a bunch of elderly Vikings to retire, replete with rocking chairs, knitting needles, and stories about the golden days that have passed. Despite the fact that there are a few unexpected turns along the road, it is a funny take on the concept of Vikings settling down and enjoying their golden years.

In conclusion, the comics that Gary Larson has created under the name “The Far Side” provide a funny look into the world of Vikings and the peculiar obsessions that they have. These strips are likely to make you laugh out loud, thanks to their hilarious depictions of anything from Viking disco dance-offs to office hijinks. It is time to put on a horned helmet and get ready for an adventure into the ludicrous, in the style of the Vikings.

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